Monday, December 24, 2012

Lucinda Elizabeth Darling Sinclair

'Life's Design: 
Is in your hands entirely '

I had the pleasure of a six degree connection with stylist, model, and designer Lucinda Sinclair. The irony of attraction brought this granddaughter of pastels, fashion, and free flare into my presence... here's a quick virtual sit I had with the lady herself! Can't wait for excess of what this galactic gal has in store!

Full Name: Lucinda Elizabeth Darling Sinclair
Birth Place: Boston, UK
Currently Residing: Cambridgeshire, UK
Age: 23

A vision of the unknown: 
My next range for Sanctus... I'm working on the 'unknown' part.

Truth be told:
I have hermit-like tendencies.

First memory of fashion: 
Scouring thrift shops as a child for the sluttiest dresses for my Barbie dolls.

Best timing: 
Is no timing.

Worst timing: 
Is realising there is no such thing as luck.

Influential family member: 
My stepfather. It was his suggestion that led me to start Sanctus.

Fashion Icon: 
The Spice Girls!

Novel of significance: 
The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold.

Childhood disturbance: 
Running away from Navy school at 13. More an achievement than a disturbance in my eyes...

Color of your eyes: 
Desaturated blue.

Reoccurring signs:
Have nothing to do with the Universe.

Dream travels: 
Tokyo with my beau.

Dreams seem: 
So real to me, but life is always better.

Life's Design: 
Is in your hands entirely.

About your line: 
Symbolism, exclusivity, authenticity. Sanctus is 'saintly' in Latin.

Future trends: 
will be ignored by me...

Check her work out here! ::::::


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

'Not Even A Rose Petal'

I had the pleasure of finally meeting the wonderful artist Alicia Torres at this years Art Basel in Miami. Her work was on display at the Red Dot Art Fair Intrepid Gallery. She is truly an inspirational and colorfully charming woman! I was able to chat with her about a piece of hers titled "Not Even A Rose Petal."

The Inspiration:
Magic and fantasy. Youthful feminine spirit. I use bright colors to bring out the emotion of joy!

The story behind the painting:
'Not Even A Rose Petal' is the portrait of a young woman, a budding fashion designer who was murdered by her ex husband after an uneasy divorce. She started dating another man and her former spouse responded by murdering her on the 31st of December. The painting is supposed to convey the idea that a man may not even touch but a rose petal. Female integrity, strength, and justice. The fragility of beauty. Based on a true story.

Many of Alicias paintings are of bright and vibrant young women with one eye. This one eye is a symbol of creative feminine vision. 

Here are some of Alicias other works of fantasy! 

BTS: Darkest Light

A magician of image and a child of shape met for a fairytale date..

Behind The Scenes: 
Natalie Melissa Photography
Model Sunamys Villalba
Wardrobe Designer Alaska Mangialetto
Hair & Makeup Aly Shea

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Lady X A Gentleman

ft Andreas Wong Chong and Danielle Keener

Sir, what is your favorite color:
robin's egg blue

Miss, what is your favorite color:



best pair of shoes:

soul chord:

timing means:

love brings:

irony sings:

my middle name:

next year:
spending more time near the water


shit storm:
I don't like that question

Taxi driver

Eagles scout mother fucker

first trend:
Boyz II Men

high school:

ten thousand years from now:
non existence


middle school name:
keener weiner

classic music:
Donut of the heart

art means:


parasitic worm

hidden truth:

yesterday I:

tomorrow may I:

Best color:
winter hues

best step:
the first one

next step:
the first one

The End.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Exposing A Raindrop

Left over exposure. Tap dance to the timing of the sun. Run, run, run. Give. We all want to forgive. We all want to understand how to live. However few of us truly do. I slip into the sound of my humming gut. Dismiss the list filling your eyes, projecting onto my heart. We have only a few days to formulate fate. A moment is fine, an hour is devine. Tomorrow is the rain. Yesterday was the snow. My knees fall to the bliss. My head grows in the wrong direction. You must clean up your complexion of self. Just like I must sweep away my dismay. Today is the day, get off of your ass and live. Your truth is your 
youth. Your life is your love.

Luis Valenzuela

Red Dot Art Fair
Intrepid Gallery 
featuring Luis Valenzuela 
for Art Basel
Eco Fashion at its finest.

Pronunciation: /ˈiːkəʊˌfaʃ(ə)n/

Definition of eco-fashion


[mass noun]

  • clothing and other goods produced by methods that are not harmful to the environment, e.g. using materials that have been recycled or that have been grown without the use of pesticides:

    [as modifier]:
    her collection combines ethical concerns with beautifully structured pieces and is garnering plaudits from fashion insiders and eco-fashion enthusiasts
    Luis Valenzuela is known around the world for his eco friendly avant garde designs. He is the founder and creative director of EcoArtFashion. A charming gentlemen, full of innovative ideas and on the spot talent. He will be holding a show in Wynwood Saturday night!

    "Internationally acclaimed ethical avant garde fashion designer and visual artist. Born in Caracas, Venezuela from a family of four generations of artist. He had Careers in Marketing, Journalism and Fashion Design and has devoted his entire life to creating art in different ways, using that knowledge. His professional experiences have been the perfect marriage to communicate his way to think through art and design. Many of his art works have found their way into the corporate and individual art collections around the world. His art works have also captured the eye of interior designers and architects. In 2012 Valenzuela has been Recognized & Awarded a "Hero Young Social Entrepreneur" by Sustainatopia. He is pioneer in green art and eco-friendly avant garde fashion design. It was his love for all natural creations that become what he calls a “green artist philosopher” and founded the first “green art community” in Florida, where his primary objective is to support and actively engage in environmental promotions. He is the founder of GreenArt USAEarthDayMiamiEcoArtFashion© and created the first EcoArtFashion Week™ in the world, a platform to express the present state of the ethical and new sustainable fashion world. Valenzuela has been invited to showcase his impeccable avant garde fashion “ART TO WEAR” designs during important fashion events including Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week / The Green Shows. His “art to wear” collections have been shown in The Kennedy Center Washington DC, Chelsea Art Museum, Bernice Steinbaum Gallery and other Art Institutions, Museums and art galleries around the world. His work has been featured in important fashion publications including Vogue Italy and Elle Magazine."


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Yes: Eriko Nakao

Could it be our matching circle tattoos that have me biased and all gritty giddy over this fashion blogger Eriko Nakao...nope, it's probably just that fact that she kicks ass to the moon. 

This Japanese fashionista knows how to do it, whatever it is. From her collection of body art ranging from an ankh under her arm, to a middle finger engraved with 'fashion', ink doesn't even slip past her upwards visual style dictionary.

No holds, no fear. Truthful and inventive statements are what made me instantly fall in love. A fuck you to conventional everything, to judgement, and to fashion constraints.

Cool and coool and _____.

I can't express how much I appreciate the fresh smell of spontaneity and honesty mixed with studs and bright hair color.

DazedDigital Interview:

 " SV: What is the concept of your blog?
Eriko Nakao: There is no concept and I don’t think there will ever be a concept. But it is important for me to spend an awesome time with everyone. Before the shoot, I always think what can we eat today? Nice food and good alcohol are necessities for our shoots. I think the basis of this blog is to have a fun shoot with my closest friends. It is like my memory album. It is always easier if we can do whatever we want to
do. "

These photos tell the story pretty damn well. She seems to be some sort of alien gem, accenting a new species of jewelry. 

Thanks for the inspiration, seriously. 

xo from a circle sister

Check this lady out right here: 


Two Fellows

Charlie Brown X Tristan
a poem

Two fellows sipping early morning mellow. Floating through rooftops. Discussing soul drops. Favoring the next stop. Amusement through twisted eyes. Poetry in disguise. Oh how time flies. Fellows once again in that meadow. Chords of backwards misinterpretation. Creating tomorrows steep station. An array of colors. An array of elevators. Up and away, never truly meant to stay. I'll see your souls at bay. 


Gainesville Gals!


Sweater Weather ft Krystal Roa

Where did you find this sweater:
Salvation Army!

Your name:

Fave colors:
Black, white, red

Wrist tattoo:

Love people and feed people

Loafers by Antonio Melani

An idea:

Fuck retail:

Kitty cats

Black leather

Left arm

Lip gloss

Birth city:
Beverly Hills, Fl

Future city:

Word of peace:

Currently reading:
White Noise-Don Delillio

Featured lady muse:
Jenny Lewis

Old school:
Dion and the Belmonts




I never became a nun because:
I just love boys <3


Krystals Closet ft Ice-cream cones!

Cotton Candy Cat ft Jade


Favorite Fabric:



Head to toe:
denim vest, cotton dress, heart tights

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Disco or punk:

How long have you been in Gainesville:
1 year

Moving to next:
North Carolina

Best existence:

See ya later alligator:
your awesome polka dots