Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Always A Stepping Stone Ahead

Angela Mangialetto Caplin (to my left) wearing Ralph Lauren's Dragon Back Dress ~
Angela n. heart of gold, wide eyes, truly one of a kind...

My grandeur 21 years have most definitely been influenced by my lovely and incredible aunt's keen eye for fashion. Her ability to create, manipulate, and express herself through her clothing has always been spot on. From her toes, often covered by the likes of Gucci, to her shoulders, regularly holding the seductive arms of a Chanel bag, she exudes class and taste. It is always effortless with her, which is why it was no surprise when she caught this dragon dress and wore it best right before it hit the cover of Vogue at the end of this past year.

"Before the first outfit even appeared, Ralph Lauren’s unusually austere set with its Chinese Deco doorway, and the haunting Ryuichi Sakamoto sound track from Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, signaled a Far Eastern inspiration for the collection." -Hamish Bowles

(Jett Caplin's Chinese Theater Bar Mitzvah designed and brought to life by his bad*** gene giver aka his mom.) 

I'm a lucky girl!


  1. the fashionista does not fall far from the tree, (unless she is sitting on a swing! ;)....JACKED is my new inspiration. Graci, bella Alaska, for the nod and especially the love. It is more than mutual <3