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A Jacked Perspective: Casey Nicole Caplin

Miss Casey Nicole Caplin is an up and coming young talent who clearly has a dignified and intellectually rooted perspective on self image. She’s a 15 year old high school student with a passion for acting and singing with an attitude well beyond her years. Her inspirations include Bettie Page, Elizabeth Taylor, and Lea Michelle from the hit series Glee. She expressed how she would love to follow in Lea’s footsteps with an early career on Broadway, followed by a television career. She takes pride in having been cast in her school musical her freshman year. Her goals include being successful in school and keeping her grades up. 

 Size is defined as “the relative extent of something; how big something is.”

Casey has tackled the concept of size in regards to personal perspective and the physical standards placed upon women today. Casey impressed me with her creation of an eye catching collage of women, ranging from vintage beauties to current hollywood celebrities. Written across the photos reads the statement “When did this... become hotter than this.” The images and words mesh to express a black and white truth bringing to light the progression of the female form. Our youth is being exposed to images that are not of the past but strictly of our current and extensively tainted generation. Below is Casey's creation...

Casey's collage made quite the impact on a few more people than she expected...

"I posted it to my tumblr and that was that. Literally a week later I saw my friend post it on Facebook. Turns out it had been shared by 875,987 people and counting. I googled it, and boom hundreds of results! Greatest regret, not labeling it with my name or something!"

Q&A with miss Casey:

JF: Speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil? 
CNC: speak no evil.

JK: Style icon?
CNC: Betsey Johnson (wishing she was my aunt or something!)

JF: Favorite clothing brand, store, perfume? 

CNC: Love Juicy Couture, Harajuku lovers (G is my fave)

JF: Vintage or contemporary?
CNC: a mix of both, i like to keep things up to date with some hints of the past mixed in.

JF: What brought about the idea for the photo montage? Did something specific trigger the idea, emotion/situation etc?
CNC: I struggled for a really long time with my weight. I was never really comfortable in my own skin. But then I looked to the past and found inspiration from yesterday's sex icons. Marylin Monroe and Bettie Page in particular. 
JF: Your take on women in society today?
CNC: The strive to achieve a "perfect" weight is blown way out of proportion. A girl with curves should not feel the urge to starve herself, while a girl who may be a little more on the petite side should not be insecure.
JF: What do you think can be said in regards to current standards for women today?
CNC: Setting a standard and creating an image to follow is a giant marketing strategy. So if every woman in the country fell into some sort of marketing plan, then I'd say were a lot less smart then we make ourselves out to be.
JF: What do you think is the biggest difference between our generation and generations past in regards to women?
CNC: In the past, the pressure was put on women to gain weight to achieve the curvy look. That was no more healthy than what goes on today. Accept now the pressure is reversed, and losing weight has become the new obsession.

JF: The contemporary female; whats prevalent: self expression or self deterioration?
CNC: As a generation we like to think that self expression would be the right answer. But sadly no, Self deterioration. Every day we put a burden on ourselves to look our best and if anything is remotely out of whack, then we beat ourselves up over it. I can't tell you how many times on a daily basis I hear my friends putting themselves down over a bad hair day or feeling a little on the heavier side.

JF: What were you in a past life?
CNC: Yep, no clue on that one. I like to think I was a dolphin. I don't know why, but I mean come on how cool would it be using sonar!? 

JF: Do you feel you belong in a different era?
CNC: 1900-1920, when Broadway theater was first starting out.... that or the 80's, I could have rocked some big hair and hoops.

JF: Music to your ears? (music you enjoy, favorite artist etc)

CNC: I like some classical (play violin, kinda have to) but I'll always stay true to classic rock. I like some electronic and me being in high school...... plenty of dubstep.

JF: Films? 

CNC: The Fall (Tarsem) and Moulin Rouge 

JF: Books? 
CNC: The Hunger Games, H.P. Series, Girl 15 Charming but Insane
JF: Magazines?
CNC: Vogue, Seventeen

JF: What get's you out of bed in the morning?
CNC: knowing I'll get to see my flame in 1st period. pastedGraphic.pdf

JF: Future job/career?
CNC: REALLY want to act. But I'm throwing some eggs into the teaching basket. Hoping to mix the two.
JF: Do you participate in any causes, organizations, charities?
CNC: I'm a member of the Humane Society International, I raised money for the Darhamsala Animal Rescue, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, No Place For Hate student coalition, and Operation Sudan
JF: Your mantra?
CNC: Give me a chance. I'll make you laugh.
JF: Favorite quote?
CNC: "When you sit with a nice girl for two hours, you think it’s only a minute. But when you sit on a hot stove for a minute, you think its two hours. That’s relativity." - Albert Einstein

JF: Favorite holiday?
CNC: Halloween, one night, you can change everything about yourself and not be judged.
JF: Favorite season, why?
CNC: Fall, it's warm in the day but cold at night, so many colors around you everywhere you look, starting new things, my birthday, and knowing a new year is sooner than it seems.
JF: Attitude on the internet (facebook,blogs etc) and self expression, stifling vs inspiring?
CNC: inspiring, the internet give people a place to express themselves in a way they normally can't in real life. It's also a chance to connect with people from your past that you've lost along the way..
JF: Something most people don't know about you, crazy life experience etc?
CNC: I was almost hit by an airport car carrying Eva Longoria Parker, I have acquired the ability to honk like a goose (thats an ice breaker.)
JF: To be or not to be?
CNC: That is the question....... pastedGraphic.pdf
JF: Threads or buttons?
CNC: threads
JF: Hot or cold?
CNC: hot, I get so sick of the cold in CO sometimes!
JF: Bright or bold?
CNC: Why not both? That's it, both.
JF: Madonna vs lady gaga?
CNC: Madonna is timeless really, but I admire Lady Gaga, she's practically a walking art exhibit. She's the perfect example of self expression.
JF: Beatles vs the Rolling Stones? 

JF: To live in the city or the country?
CNC: City Girl
JF: Favorite breakfast food?
CNC: Cinnamon Rolls
JF: Favorite classic film(s)?
CNC: Rear Window, Breakfast at Tiffany's
JF: Black and white or color?
CNC: color. life's to pretty to look at it in one shade.
JF: Political affiliation?
CNC: Democrat
JF: Coffee vs tea?
CNC: Coffee!!!! I love me some Mocha!
JF: Cookies vs cupcakes?
CNC: what is fluffy, delicious, and has frosting all over it? CUPCAKES!


   I was extremely impressed by this young woman's outlook and ideals. She's clever, smart, and from my personal experience witnessing her perform, a very talented lady! Always a joy to be around, she will most definitely bring light to every stage and person that she encounters in life! <3

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