Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mr. Video

Jacked Street Fashion:

Photo taken at Kill Your Idols, South Beach Miami

Name: Chris Video

Resides: miami beach where you can find him playing music, scooting around on his bicycle, or djing 80's hits at Kill Your Idols accompanied by videos of course.


 Occupation Station?
 music, art, and food, wannabe chef. Dropped out of culinary school.

Head to Toe? 
Red, White, and Blue

What's your favorite drink?
apple juice not from concentrate

Sound that ignites and lights you?
Devo or Ministry

How do you waste your time?
on the computer researching my genetic background (ancestral background)


a thrifted gift from a friend that i'm taking to my grave.

What's a shirt to you?

Side note:
A local miami friend is responsible for the artwork covering the walls.

Monday, March 19, 2012

1950'S Stride

The Black Horse
"a little-known person or thing that emerges to prominence, especially in a competition of some sort or a contestant that seems unlikely to succeed."

Vintage Black Whicker Horse Purse

A breed with green marble eyeballs, brass embellishments, and leather straps. 

An endlessly unique and quite divine March find ~

$435.00 via Etsy 

The ones with hallow eyes are protesting valiant cries. These times are graced with the stride of an opposing fate. My dusty steps prance into your pruned hour with a soul untied that can hear the deafening sighs. It's no time for these deteriorating lies. My demons have undressed me. Dare to arrest me. The blackout skies suffocate the flowers. Truth of the sanity lies in its vanity. I paint my lips black, I line my lids wide, I burn through your soul just in time.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Flower That Grows and Never Dies

 "a fancy name for the language of flowers
associating certain flowers with different meanings~
an old age art form expressing what we want to say and may not be able to speak out loud "

A Spring In Your Dirty Step

Churchill's Pub Miami March 2012

~Dancing feet, dancing leaves, euphoric colors and the sea. A time of rebirth and sunshine medicine ~
Bright and light, grunge, 1960's eyes, a vintage disguise

Valentino S/S 12

Ashish Gupta S/S 12

"Van Gogh meets Walt Disney sounds like a dangerous liaison. And so it was when Rodarte brought sunflowers bright and faded into the orbit of the “Sleeping Beauty” movie."

Beauty and the Beast released in 1991

Oscar de la Renta S/S 12
'Power Lies in her Femininity'

The Floral Headdress

Celebrities: Josephine de la Baume and Tavi Gavinson

Inspiration: Louise Dahl Wolfe, Harper’s Bazaar

Scene from the 1966 Czech film 'Daisies'

  Salvador Dali

'Tristan fou Costumes' (Femme fleurs) Salvador Dali

Once upon a time The Brady Bunch visited Gilligan's Island...

"The flowering almond has always stood as a symbol of hope. The hope, in dreams of a happier hour That alights upon misery’s brow Springs out of a silvery almond flower That blooms on a leafless bough. "

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hard On

Designers: Donna Karan, Dolce Vita, Catt Potter, Alicia Wood, Jeffrey Campbell
Accessories via Etsy