Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mr. Video

Jacked Street Fashion:

Photo taken at Kill Your Idols, South Beach Miami

Name: Chris Video

Resides: miami beach where you can find him playing music, scooting around on his bicycle, or djing 80's hits at Kill Your Idols accompanied by videos of course.


 Occupation Station?
 music, art, and food, wannabe chef. Dropped out of culinary school.

Head to Toe? 
Red, White, and Blue

What's your favorite drink?
apple juice not from concentrate

Sound that ignites and lights you?
Devo or Ministry

How do you waste your time?
on the computer researching my genetic background (ancestral background)


a thrifted gift from a friend that i'm taking to my grave.

What's a shirt to you?

Side note:
A local miami friend is responsible for the artwork covering the walls.

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