Friday, May 25, 2012

Miami Man

Jacked Street Fashion: 

Wood Tavern, Wynwood

Rafael Semidey 

local stepping stone in the underground Miami music scene...


Where you've been:
school for audio engineering

Where you can be found:
sitting in a studio, a warehouse

What keeps you busy:
Right now i've been producing my bands record.

Local pride:
A lot of people like to say that there isn't a real music scene here in Miami but it's young and blossoming. There is a lot of talent. I want to add color to the town. Something to take home and show to your mom. Not House or Latin but miami's underground. 

Job by nature (nature of your work):
Very social but also very detached. It's also not very real. Lots of talk. 

Building electronic. Taking the sound of a live band and transporting it to something sonically unique. 

First thing that you learned in the music industry:
You have to smile a lot at assholes whether you like it or not. Say yes and smoke pot whether or not. 

Favorite sounds:
Gorillas and the Flaming Lips. Beck is the most underrated band of our time.

Your band:
No bound shit. First photo was shot in the trunk of a Lincoln in the Everglades.

Tie your shoes or sing the blues:
Sing the blues. Sing the blues while tying my shoes.

What are you currently thinking:
Peace of mind, this is my first night off in months.

Buy another drink.

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