Thursday, May 17, 2012

Things That Shine

Jacked Street Fashion:



Ultra Music Festival met my birthday the weekend of March 25th. I met Mister Sodamin floating around Mamushka's Bar in Midtown post Ultra, Saturday night. His laid back demeanor caught my attention, contrasting the majority of the DJ induced crowd. He was thinking about something. I could easily tell just by looking at the eye patches strategically placed on his jacket. Got to chit chat and down a few drinks with this fellow. Slurred out some questions and he forgivingly gave me back some answers. 


Your comfort?

You drink (as such) and think about?
Alternate interconnected realities.

Who put the ring on your finger?
A girl asked me to draw a "wedding" on some iphone drawing game immediately after I had downed a Brooklyn beer. The thought was subconscious. 

What flies through your soul? 
Everyday it's different. Somehow there is another side, another life that impels me to do the unexpected. That drive you can call art but it is more of a longing. For my own beginning, not for the end. The end is always my inspiration for my next day. 

Looking through a man of war. Also, blinking at the sun only focusing on your eye lashes. 

Define the design_
Design to define!

(taken at Mamushkas Bar, Downtown Miami)

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