Monday, August 27, 2012

Double Take:

Jacked Street Fashion:
That Soul Power.
Sweet and delicious personalities, truly unique sensibilities.
Hats off to these two..
photos taken at Kill Your Idols, South Beach

Name: Adam Kent Wiest
Birth Place: Georgetown, Guyana
Why Here: Why not here?
Where are you headed: Nowhere fast
Hat on your head: desert gift
Music: Purity Ring
Fingers or toes: fingers
A word of wisdom: get your wisdom teeth out
Favorite Dessert: red velvet
Tomorrow: today!

Name: Alexis Shaka Lulu Strimenos
Birth Place: Leesburg, Fl
Why Here: Mr. Brown
Where are you headed: Berlin, Cuba, SA, Brazil, in that order
Hat on your head: Shaka Lulu (that's me, my design!)
Music: Prince
Fingers or toes: fingers. I love getting fingered.
Favorite childhood cartoon: Yosemite Sam
A word of wisdom: a nectarine aint nothing but a bald-headed peach.
Favorite Dessert: lady fingers
Tomorrow: call me

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fall Sounds


Hometown: Copenhagen
Genre: 'we don't need to know'

This young woman's voice is the perfect companion to help any blistered summer soul tip toe peacefully into the rapidly approaching Fall season. She possesses an incredibly soothing sound along with a whimsical fairytale like aura. Easy and delightful to listen to, she's a lady that stands with two feet on the ground. She projects female empowerment through a pop and folk rock refresher to cool off the temper. I've been listening to her quite a lot recently and her wit is more than enough to satisfy the senses.

"I'm going somewhere and I'm leaving you here"

I'm A F**cking Zombie

Why So Serious?

Alaska Marie by APC

Word To Yo Mother

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