Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Royal Visit

June 13th 2012: The Queen visits Nottingham for the Diamond Jubilee...

In this special year, as I dedicate myself anew to your service, I hope we will all be reminded of the power of togetherness and the convening strength of family, friendship, and good neighbourliness, examples of which I have been fortunate to see throughout my reign and which my family and I look forward to seeing in many forms as we travel throughout the United Kingdom and the wider Commonwealth.
Elizabeth II, 2012

"The upward course of a nation's history is due in the long run to the soundness of heart of its average men and women." Elizabeth II

"I have to be seen to be believed." Elizabeth II

Off to see the Queen...



Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire

"he stole from the rich and gave to the poor..."

 "They were dressed in suits of green, and armed with bows and arrows; and sometimes they carried long wooden lances and broad-swords, which they knew how to handle well. Whenever they had taken anything, it was brought and laid at the feet of Robin Hood, whom they called their king. He then divided it fairly among them, giving to each man his just share."

Robin Hood and his merry men...

"we see him as a man of the people, marginalized in Sherwood Forest as he stands for everything that is rebellious and politicized in society"

"And yet I think these oaks at dawn and even 
Or in the balmy breathings of the night
Will whisper evermore of Robin Hood"

Little John: You're burning the chow!
Robin Hood: Sorry, Johnny. I guess I was thinking about Maid Marian again. I can't help it. I love her, Johnny.
Little John: Look, why don't ya stop moanin' and mopin' around? J-Just marry the girl.
Robin Hood: Marry her? You don't just walk up to a girl, hand her a bouquet and say, "Hey, remember me? We were kids together. Will you marry me?" No, it just isn't done that way.
Little John: Ah, come one, Robby. Climb the castle walls. Sweep her off her feet. Carry her off in style.
Robin Hood: It's no use, Johnny. I've thought it all out, and it just wouldn't work. Besides, what have I got to offer her?
Little John: Well, for one thing, you can't cook.
Robin Hood: I'm serious Johnny. She's a highborn lady of quality.
Little John: So she's got class. So what?
Robin Hood: I'm an outlaw. That's what. That's no life for a lovely lady. Always on the run. What kind of a future is that?
Friar Tuck: Oh, for heaven's sake, son. You're no outlaw. Why, someday, you'll be called a great hero.
Robin Hood: A hero? Did you hear that, Johnny? We've just been pardoned!
Little John: Oh, that's a gas. We ain't even been arrested yet. 

 "To study Robin Hood is to study over five hundred years of the development of modern concepts of heroism, art, politics, and the self. It is an exciting and enthralling domain of study, that can in itself become a guide to the changing patterns and dynamics of society and culture over an enormous period."

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