Monday, August 27, 2012

Double Take:

Jacked Street Fashion:
That Soul Power.
Sweet and delicious personalities, truly unique sensibilities.
Hats off to these two..
photos taken at Kill Your Idols, South Beach

Name: Adam Kent Wiest
Birth Place: Georgetown, Guyana
Why Here: Why not here?
Where are you headed: Nowhere fast
Hat on your head: desert gift
Music: Purity Ring
Fingers or toes: fingers
A word of wisdom: get your wisdom teeth out
Favorite Dessert: red velvet
Tomorrow: today!

Name: Alexis Shaka Lulu Strimenos
Birth Place: Leesburg, Fl
Why Here: Mr. Brown
Where are you headed: Berlin, Cuba, SA, Brazil, in that order
Hat on your head: Shaka Lulu (that's me, my design!)
Music: Prince
Fingers or toes: fingers. I love getting fingered.
Favorite childhood cartoon: Yosemite Sam
A word of wisdom: a nectarine aint nothing but a bald-headed peach.
Favorite Dessert: lady fingers
Tomorrow: call me

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