Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Hallow Poem

I was a burnt witch. A severed soul with a passion for the untold. I was left to lie in this womanly ash. Your religions and man made trash taught you a lesson you felt so true. So try, you left knowledge and gained ignorance. These early feminine creatures connecting before you knew connecting, oh they knew. So the moon. So your masculine gloom. So what, we want bliss. We want to dismiss this man made ignorance. We want love. You'd rather ash the dove. Yet you love to write how it flies, so lovely, in your inked books. Truth is let's create, let's recreate man, let's fuck, let's keep our luck, let's learn love. It's all starting. Your ending is its beginning. One day we will become past ways transformed into old graves. No shame. Let's live on Alaska. Because Nebraska was never well known. Address your own home. Up for the candidate for a minute that's not too late. Pull forward your own fate. A black cat candidate. 

Xo ~ Alaska 

Happy Treating!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Epitomize Love

by Jacob Hartley 

Social interactions are spiritual awakenings, especially with ample amounts of social lubricants.
Idol talk is easily mistaken as insight from self proclaimed sages. 
Leaving me to wonder if we'll ever see things as they were truly meant to be.
If only we would pull back inherited blinders and embrace what is a conflict of self-indulgent paradigms, we would see the similarities between these broken paths.
Maybe consuming spirits of past persecutions, can break the chains of generations ignorance.
A belief system free of confined forms can transform acts of humanity from empty penance to outpourings of sincerity.
Becoming an anchor in the tumultuous sea of washed out religions.
But now captains of sinking ships are convincing willfully ignorant passengers that all is well with circumstantial fairy tales.
While a greater truth is waiting in below temperature waters, ready to disrupt all we've held dear, if only we would muster the courage to sink these ships of comfortable faiths.
Washing us up onto Utopian shores, shedding our garments stained with disguised hate and dripping with genuine compassion.
Realizing for the first time we are all one, one truth, one way, one hope, it's love, simply love.
Unbridled, unashamed, unrestricted, love.
This is the only light that can justify these seemingly unjust ideologies being kept afloat, and give them at least an once of merit.
It's a purity that can't be tainted by the forked tongues of arrogant gurus selling off their close-minded philosophies. 
So let the lubricants flow like rivers of unbridled beliefs held together by love.
Hopefully in the midst of all this clatter we can finally find our truth.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dear Sunamys,

Dearest Sunamys,

What was your favorite age:
The age when I realized I was part of a bigger universe, which really has no number because I am still living in its presence.

How was your day:
Very awakening, soul lifting.

Recreate a specific time in your life:
My mother teaching me how to swim after she explained what my name meant "Sunamys". It seemed fair enough..

Animal In disguise:
I am the black sheep most people are afraid to be.

Which of your ethnicities do you feel most connected to:
My main roots, Spaniard. I remember the comforting breeze that would come in through my window as I was growing up, keeping me connected to nature and this universe.

Private or public school:
Private school.... it was, not my choice.

Early musical influences:
Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and Frank Sinatra always make me feel at home.

Prominent family member:
I admire all of my family members, they all raised me differently which worked out in the end. My mind and soul thank them every day.

Reoccurring mental state:
Its an on going battle in there... with whats real and fake.

What you would like to see the following day:
Change, whatever that means now a days. Even if its a bum that i saw on the street a day ago working in a great job.

Capturing a moment means:
Living in it for forever. When i capture a moment, I always want to live in it. That moment scarred you, it left you speechless, why would you want to give it away? Keep it, even if its through photographs or through the window that you used to check your hot neighbor out.

Frequent nail polish color:
Lavender, something about soft pastels that i cant seem to give away.

Best form of transportation:
Space ship. It gets you from point A to point B in an orbital second.

Most intriguing nation:
I am intrigued by all nations. I am intrigued by everything in life.

Advocate for:
Everything and anything.

Hair, eyes, or size:
I look like a Vampire.... or so 98% of people say. The other 2% have not lived to say it...
Haha, blue black hair, light green eyes, 5'4. Easy enough.

High or low:
High, I like to view my life from high dimensions and high perspectives.

An ocean or a river:
Well, my name is Sunamys, so if I say ocean thats too predictable! Ill take the river.

Full name or full fame:
Sunamys Villalba, ill pass on the full fame offer.

I like to create. I recently got into jewelry and have not put the pliers down yet, this means I for once am sticking to a hobby. Cheers mate

Slob or neat freak:
I dont work well with germs nor gum under tables.

Kiss or greet:
A bit of both, depends on your presence.

Time is best spent:
When you get caught up into something that you love so passionately that you forget time is even a factor.

They don't know you but they know you because:
They like to think they know me. I dont know me.

No offense but:
You are 45 in a 18 and over club.... why?

Tacky is:
Putting gum under the dinner table

Time is:
Nothing but numbers.

The universe gives:
The universe gives you what you give to it. You will only receive what you decide to put out.

Best blessing:
My father stopped smoking after smoking for 40 years. I am seeing him under this new bright light.

This world is a fragment of:
Pigments and colors, vibes and dedication, human beings and aircrafts.

Fashion is a disguise for:
The soul

Favorite flower:
Sunflower, I can die happy in a field full of sunflowers.

Your muse:
My muse are my yesterdays, todays and tomorrows.

Function in the industry:
To keep up, you must sleep with one eye open.

A house or a mansion:
Mansions are overrated, so much extra space and floors for negativity. Give me a warm, cozy, loving small house, easier to keep positive vibes in.

Clue or monopoly:
Get a Clue, monopoly has too much to do with money, too stressful.

A mister influence:
Your soul, my soul, his soul, her soul, its soul.

Yesterdays lessons exude:
A better understanding for todays lessons.

The moon or the sun:
I am a moon child at heart and a wild sunflower all tangled up.

Your old or your young:
I am an old soul caught in a young body.

Love is defined far too much. Human beings put too much thought into what Love means. Its not supposed to make sense! Its not supposed to be defined! It just is and it will always be. Its like trying to define a Lyger...

Imagine us having the option and resources to travel from one planet to the other... what a beautiful Universe this would be.

Thank You:
 For having me and projecting beautiful vibes throughout this whole interview! My mind could have not done it without yours.

it's beautiful if you really pay attention to it.
Finally waking up~ Sunamys


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mr. Mulvany

Old and Wise
by Carlos Mulvany
April 14, 1974

As far as I can see,
There are shadows appraoching me.
To those I leave behind
I want you to know
You've always shared my deapest thoughts,
They follow where I go.

Oh when I'm old and wise
Bitter words will mean little to me.
Autumn winds will blow right through me.
Someday in the midst of time
When they ask me if I knew you
I'll smile and say
You were a friend of mine.
Sadness will be lifted from my eyes,
because I'm old and wise.

As far as my eyes can see
There are shadows surrounding me.
To those I leave behind,
I want you all to know
You've always shared my deepest thoughts
I'll miss you when you go.

When I'm old and wise
Heavy words that tossed and threw me
Like autumn winds will blow on to me.

Someday in the midst of time
When they ask you
If you know me,
You are a friend of mine.

The final curtain falls, 
when I'm old and wise.
As far as my eyes can see
There are shadows approaching me.
I will always smile because
you still know me...

Special love and gratitude for Sir Carlos, a wonderful manager and most importantly a beautiful friend... 

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Some people are sick, some people are sicker. Put your pride to the right to become so much quicker. My words are as quiet as the night. My words your last mister. Colder than its definition. More ironic than its mission. Your fragility stems into a root feeding on the blasphemy of my name. I'm wasting my fame. Your claiming your gain. My words should have a bigger ego. My gut should delve into a more rapid free fall. I'd rather state my thanks and move onto tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Why Choose?

Left vs Right

Ashish glitter dress, $1,965 / Dolce&Gabbana printed shirt, $965 / Knit cardigan / Wool shirt / Bubble shirt / American Apparel printed shirt / Emilio Pucci / Jeremy Scott , $405 / Free People / John Fluevog rainbow boots, $405 / Jeffrey Campbell wedge shoes / Rainbow sneaker, $115 / DANNIJO / Leather watch / Betsey Johnson chunky bib necklace / Button ring / Jeremy Scott star sunglasses / Glove / Body cleanser

Sunday, October 14, 2012

An Evaporated Space

Eyes purging until they're not pretending. This is definitely not the ending. It does not compose a beautiful note of reason. Tis the season for enlightenment. 

Smiles of wisdom are the most beautiful smiles in exsistence. They are of strength and of grace. They take their own place in the heavens of our humanity.

-Alaska 2012

Photography: Alaska
Model: Ben Washburn
Photo shoot for LAW Fashion House

Saturday, October 13, 2012

nowhere land

Leaping off of this train.  I've already scarred my feet and melted my soul in that heat. It is not a wish of business. It is a truth of character. The fuel that you put into the machine returns a brutal steam. Why'd ya have to be so mean. I can be too smart for my own good. Too heart for my own good. I don't have any more time to waste. I'll miss this place. Alaska is a far ways away. Maybe someday there will be a little less shame, a little less pain.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Blue Winds


by LAW
October Brought An Array of Colors Enjoy My Little Ponies <3

October moons

alaska X ren

Space Cowboy

 Londons Calling!

"I'm not from around here" JACKEDfashion photo shoot!!
Behind the scenes.

Handmade pieces by Alaska and Lauren Ann Wolfe Fashion Specialist.
Model-Sunamys Villalba
Photographer-Olya Miljko


Stay tuned for more decadent desire! 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


A Magical Team Takes A Journey Two Weeks Into The Future!

Lauren Ann Wolfe
Casino Nelson

Raukus Magazine: Issue 3  
Pages 113-125 

 Additional Magic In The Works!