Monday, October 29, 2012

Epitomize Love

by Jacob Hartley 

Social interactions are spiritual awakenings, especially with ample amounts of social lubricants.
Idol talk is easily mistaken as insight from self proclaimed sages. 
Leaving me to wonder if we'll ever see things as they were truly meant to be.
If only we would pull back inherited blinders and embrace what is a conflict of self-indulgent paradigms, we would see the similarities between these broken paths.
Maybe consuming spirits of past persecutions, can break the chains of generations ignorance.
A belief system free of confined forms can transform acts of humanity from empty penance to outpourings of sincerity.
Becoming an anchor in the tumultuous sea of washed out religions.
But now captains of sinking ships are convincing willfully ignorant passengers that all is well with circumstantial fairy tales.
While a greater truth is waiting in below temperature waters, ready to disrupt all we've held dear, if only we would muster the courage to sink these ships of comfortable faiths.
Washing us up onto Utopian shores, shedding our garments stained with disguised hate and dripping with genuine compassion.
Realizing for the first time we are all one, one truth, one way, one hope, it's love, simply love.
Unbridled, unashamed, unrestricted, love.
This is the only light that can justify these seemingly unjust ideologies being kept afloat, and give them at least an once of merit.
It's a purity that can't be tainted by the forked tongues of arrogant gurus selling off their close-minded philosophies. 
So let the lubricants flow like rivers of unbridled beliefs held together by love.
Hopefully in the midst of all this clatter we can finally find our truth.

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