Friday, November 2, 2012

by Alexa Mangialetto

There once was this boy that I loved with all of my heart.
Our timings belligerence was a work of art. 
An evaporated space. 
Snow envying sand. 
A thousand years across different lands. 
You were a dream involving seeds and cemented corners.
My fresh yet cultivated eyes were set up to disguise the alphabets pattern of your lies. 
I was meant to float down this moat to gaze up at the towering structure above me. 
To heal in the brew of roots and dirt soaking into the earth and melting into the land, the decomposition lent me a helping hand. 
The sun picked me up and told me to run.
The mirror of the sky had me look into my own eyes and say today is the day.
You’ve drifted down a stream oh so mean for far too long.
Now it’s time to plant your roots in the truth. 

Free yourself from the obscene.

April 2011

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