Monday, December 24, 2012

Lucinda Elizabeth Darling Sinclair

'Life's Design: 
Is in your hands entirely '

I had the pleasure of a six degree connection with stylist, model, and designer Lucinda Sinclair. The irony of attraction brought this granddaughter of pastels, fashion, and free flare into my presence... here's a quick virtual sit I had with the lady herself! Can't wait for excess of what this galactic gal has in store!

Full Name: Lucinda Elizabeth Darling Sinclair
Birth Place: Boston, UK
Currently Residing: Cambridgeshire, UK
Age: 23

A vision of the unknown: 
My next range for Sanctus... I'm working on the 'unknown' part.

Truth be told:
I have hermit-like tendencies.

First memory of fashion: 
Scouring thrift shops as a child for the sluttiest dresses for my Barbie dolls.

Best timing: 
Is no timing.

Worst timing: 
Is realising there is no such thing as luck.

Influential family member: 
My stepfather. It was his suggestion that led me to start Sanctus.

Fashion Icon: 
The Spice Girls!

Novel of significance: 
The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold.

Childhood disturbance: 
Running away from Navy school at 13. More an achievement than a disturbance in my eyes...

Color of your eyes: 
Desaturated blue.

Reoccurring signs:
Have nothing to do with the Universe.

Dream travels: 
Tokyo with my beau.

Dreams seem: 
So real to me, but life is always better.

Life's Design: 
Is in your hands entirely.

About your line: 
Symbolism, exclusivity, authenticity. Sanctus is 'saintly' in Latin.

Future trends: 
will be ignored by me...

Check her work out here! ::::::


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