Tuesday, December 18, 2012

'Not Even A Rose Petal'

I had the pleasure of finally meeting the wonderful artist Alicia Torres at this years Art Basel in Miami. Her work was on display at the Red Dot Art Fair Intrepid Gallery. She is truly an inspirational and colorfully charming woman! I was able to chat with her about a piece of hers titled "Not Even A Rose Petal."

The Inspiration:
Magic and fantasy. Youthful feminine spirit. I use bright colors to bring out the emotion of joy!

The story behind the painting:
'Not Even A Rose Petal' is the portrait of a young woman, a budding fashion designer who was murdered by her ex husband after an uneasy divorce. She started dating another man and her former spouse responded by murdering her on the 31st of December. The painting is supposed to convey the idea that a man may not even touch but a rose petal. Female integrity, strength, and justice. The fragility of beauty. Based on a true story.

Many of Alicias paintings are of bright and vibrant young women with one eye. This one eye is a symbol of creative feminine vision. 

Here are some of Alicias other works of fantasy! 

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