Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Yes: Eriko Nakao

Could it be our matching circle tattoos that have me biased and all gritty giddy over this fashion blogger Eriko Nakao...nope, it's probably just that fact that she kicks ass to the moon. 

This Japanese fashionista knows how to do it, whatever it is. From her collection of body art ranging from an ankh under her arm, to a middle finger engraved with 'fashion', ink doesn't even slip past her upwards visual style dictionary.

No holds, no fear. Truthful and inventive statements are what made me instantly fall in love. A fuck you to conventional everything, to judgement, and to fashion constraints.

Cool and coool and _____.

I can't express how much I appreciate the fresh smell of spontaneity and honesty mixed with studs and bright hair color.

DazedDigital Interview:

 " SV: What is the concept of your blog?
Eriko Nakao: There is no concept and I don’t think there will ever be a concept. But it is important for me to spend an awesome time with everyone. Before the shoot, I always think what can we eat today? Nice food and good alcohol are necessities for our shoots. I think the basis of this blog is to have a fun shoot with my closest friends. It is like my memory album. It is always easier if we can do whatever we want to
do. "

These photos tell the story pretty damn well. She seems to be some sort of alien gem, accenting a new species of jewelry. 

Thanks for the inspiration, seriously. 

xo from a circle sister

Check this lady out right here: 


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