Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Swap Shop Number 2!

The friends and fabrics were out of sight. A 90's playground filled with old school sounds. Projections of familiar childhood characters all around. Colorful hair accented New Years fortunes. Nails were painted and collars were tainted. Hanging out was what it was all about. Rad met stellar with a special fortune teller. Custom made jewelry and a rebellious studded wardrobe sparkled beneath the galleries bright lights. Two fashion stylists there to make you feel fresh and alright. Tunes seeped through the room via an acoustic zoom. Trading and fading until it was time to call it a night. Stay tuned!


An extra special thanks to everyone who helped make this last event possible! 
The Hangar Gallery
Lauren Ann Wolfe
Eden Grey
Gabriel Gomez
Jo Rosenthal
Megan Curry
Diana Dee

Last but not least, footage of the inaugural Swap Shop taken by the ever so talented Nabil Moo! 

Can't wait for the next event! Hope to see you all there!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ready Rose

ft. Danielle Keener

Photography&Styling by Jacked Fashion
via the backyard and a bottle of whiskey! 
cheers babettes

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Alexa Toro

"My sister says I dress like a grandma, I say fuck yeah"

Alexa Brianna Toro

Spin fire

Where are you from:
Tampa?ish originally from Jersey burttt I grew up in Tampaaa

Favorite Color:
All colors are beautiful! How could I have a favorite!?

1960's, pewfect tyme to be born, you get to live through the 60s 70s 80s 90s and even the 21st century

Prime family vacation:
Gatlinburg Tennessee, hell yeaaa

The next pair of shoes I'd like to own:
I prefer to be barefoot, shoes are cool though

New Years Eve celebration:
House show party in Orlando!

Your first band:
Can't remember the name!

Why are you performing tonight at Churchills:
Arnold Liners is the shit, thats why ;}

About your look:
My sister says I dress like a grandma, I say fuck yea

Head to toe pieces you're wearing:
Thrift stores are the best way to go!

About your band:
Bambery is an experimental surf rock band? We met five months ago and made sweet love to each other with our collaborations. 

If I could land on one planet:
Earth! It's fucking beautiful.

Favorite spice girl:


Wrap your head around:
How every road is attached

Wrap your love around:
Everyone and everything

Loud sound or no sound:

Tomorrow best bet:
Sand in my toes with crabs biting the smiles off of my face and taking them around the world to sharers

Rainbow lady! Oh I Love you!