Sunday, January 6, 2013

Alexa Toro

"My sister says I dress like a grandma, I say fuck yeah"

Alexa Brianna Toro

Spin fire

Where are you from:
Tampa?ish originally from Jersey burttt I grew up in Tampaaa

Favorite Color:
All colors are beautiful! How could I have a favorite!?

1960's, pewfect tyme to be born, you get to live through the 60s 70s 80s 90s and even the 21st century

Prime family vacation:
Gatlinburg Tennessee, hell yeaaa

The next pair of shoes I'd like to own:
I prefer to be barefoot, shoes are cool though

New Years Eve celebration:
House show party in Orlando!

Your first band:
Can't remember the name!

Why are you performing tonight at Churchills:
Arnold Liners is the shit, thats why ;}

About your look:
My sister says I dress like a grandma, I say fuck yea

Head to toe pieces you're wearing:
Thrift stores are the best way to go!

About your band:
Bambery is an experimental surf rock band? We met five months ago and made sweet love to each other with our collaborations. 

If I could land on one planet:
Earth! It's fucking beautiful.

Favorite spice girl:


Wrap your head around:
How every road is attached

Wrap your love around:
Everyone and everything

Loud sound or no sound:

Tomorrow best bet:
Sand in my toes with crabs biting the smiles off of my face and taking them around the world to sharers

Rainbow lady! Oh I Love you! 

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