Friday, March 29, 2013

Ben Wash!

Ben Washburn, dear friend and DJ extraordinaire can be found lounging around Downtown Miami or creating at his label Brahmin Records on South Beach. Spotting this musician from a mile away is never a challenge thanks to his striking blonde locks. 
Here is a quick Q&A with Ben in regards to the opening of his new label and the release of his EP 'Wolf'.  His sounds will pulsate through your veins and car speakers. The perfect companion for an afternoon midtown drive or a foggy evening ride, Four Loko included. 

Photography_Casino Nelson
Styling_L.A.W. Fashionhouse

Photography_Casino Nelson
Styling_L.A.W. Fashionhouse

How many panes on your window frame:
Not enough

Full name:
Benjamin Washburn

Birth place:
Greenville USA

Perception of space:

High School attended:
Not really

High School trend:

Best bedroom memory:

Childhood story:
Girls ruined my life

Adult thing to say:
My wife and I love Game of Thrones

New venture:
Brahmin Records

Brahmins origins:
Deep space

My label brings:

What the label is looking for:
More noise

My music screams:

My upcoming album Fighter's Advocate

Early artist of choice:
Slim Shady

Sound energy:

Tennis or Basketball:
Tennis on a basketball court

Love or lover:
Love me

Technologic sound is profound because of:
 Daft Punk

Best aspect of Miami:

Are you going to be in Miami for a while or do you have your next move in mind:
Unfortunately going to be here a while 

Next year is looking like:
Damn good

Photography_Casino Nelson
Styling_L.A.W. Fashionhouse
Photography_Casino Nelson
Styling_L.A.W. Fashionhouse

Photography_Casino Nelson
Styling_L.A.W.  Fashionhouse

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