Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Awakening

A little lady sat under a swing. Her fingers contained multiple rings. She flung them off one at a time. Each ring bursted into stardust and formed a new universe in front of the little girls eyes. Each universe contained its own breed of flowers. Each breed had its own special power. Some for wisdom and some for love. Some for transforming any dream from above. Her cosmos drifted into her seams as she slowly sunk into a mystical sleep.

The next morning the little girl awoke to a bouquet next to her bed. The flowers were bright orange, pink, yellow and red. She gently got out of bed and leaned into the flowers and she said..

I am the earth, I am the stars, I am the flowers on the moon and on Mars. My dreams are large my mind is quick, I will not stop until the rings again fit.
-jacked fashion

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