Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Landing Soon!

Jacked Fashion Clothing and treats coming to a planet near you...


Love Long and Prosper

Words flow like static water in the never ending stream of meaning.
Words flop like the grey blossom drops upon a pyramid of visual testament.

We can search for our resonance within the sound vibration. Such a minute energy that releases beyond mental capacity.

We all have encountered new personal perceptions. Yours should awake to the regression.
The regression of the human struggle.

Shall I mention your laugh?

Love is a forgotten draft to an idea that is temporary. Not to be played by a rule.

If I was willing to suffocate the stars and meet you on mars would you match something greater for me, would you balance out the blasphemy. 
-Alaska J.F.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Check the Backyard

Check the backyard for the family. They're sitting next to the pile of logs. A fire is waiting to be lit by the caretaker. Water is ready to be fed to the peacemaker. An old grandma will always stay. A grandpa flies overhead far away. A child chooses to land to bring the crop along. All of them stare at a house that never met time. An illusion. A choice held by a child for a momentary delusion. Delusion is the medicine for sanity. 
-Jacked Fashion


A lot can be said for those who wed. We can write songs. We can play along. How do we really translate truth. I may be a daughter, you may be a stray but hey, we're all the same. A rhythm is forgiven when it can be understood. I rather write out my madness then sign it up for deconstruction. Building houses, building families, all always building. How about being. How about seeing. How about believing. How about feeling. How about you. How about me. How about the separation in between. 

Some of us are here for the truth. Some of us our here for our youth. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Editorial Spotlight

Standout editorial of 2013 thus far. Vogue Germany's February Issue. Feast.

Future Frankenstein's pilgrimage through the 1920's.
-Jacked Fashion 

Styled by the ever so talented Patti Wilson.

The Game

via WWW.

Sober thoughts for a sober mind. Saliva lacking tongues. Words lacking brains. Fame calling out for fame. Drink in your identity. Vomit out your insecurity. Fool yourself into empathy. Realize your an alien. Watch the children stare at the stars. Watch the children run through the bars. Shake your chains at the game. The game owns your name.
-Jacked Fashion