Monday, June 17, 2013

Urban Fantasy: Chapter One!

I like to think that it all started with a life size Barbie doll that I used to swap my clothes with...
Jacked Fashion's Urban Fantasy collection is a mixture of youthful, dreamy and feminine fashion with an edge. It is made up of vintage inspired peignoirs and convertible slip dresses as well as statement bearing shirts. The pieces are inspired by memories from my childhood all the way to reconnecting with colorful and magical entities in my present adult life. All that I have 'Jacked' from my life experiences has impacted what this Urban Fantasy lifestyle encompasses.
This is chapter one for Jacked Fashion, my first collection release. This collection falls under spring/summer, yet I like to think of it on a broader scale, chapters. I believe barriers should be broken in the fashion world and what you wear should always be according to your soul, not necessarily a season.

This time around it's all about fun and happiness.
peace bitches

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