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About the Artist: Ashley Garner

"Individuality means: Everything."

Jacked Interview: Ashley Garner

Multi-talented and elegantly unique, Ashley Garner embodies the independent nature of a young and progressed artist. I had the pleasure of finally working with her this past month on a project for Boy London. She does it all.. photographer, model, style guru, editor, blogger, and writer. She pulls from all that impacts her to create her work. From working behind the camera, to creating a concept for herself in front of the camera, capturing a message seems to come naturally and honestly. Nothing is more refreshing than meeting a new face who is taking hold of her own artistic projection and destiny through commitment, innovative thinking, and hard work. Her charisma for making an impact on the fashion industry is inspiring. Awakening the realization of 'fashion as an art form' is her main goal. She's a subtle badass with a kick ass attitude. No apologizes, no bullshit, just art. Here is an interview exposing some things you might not have known about her! Enjoy!

Photography by Janice Quijano 

Name: Ashley Garner
Birth Place: Savannah, Georgia
Age: 21
Sign: Libra, ascending Scorpio
Occupation: Art student/photographer/stylist/model/creative director/editor/journalist/all around artist
Talents: All of the above and more. I can also wiggle my ears.
What were you like as a little girl: So shy. No one believes me now when I tell them that.

Photography by Estefani Vidal
Your first memories of fashion and art: My first memory of art was when I started ballet classes in middle school instead of gym class (I was going to a charter school in North Carolina). My first memory of fashion was when I started high school at a public school in South Carolina. I was picking out my outfit for the first day of school after having worn a uniform for 3 years and specifically remember having like 10 different options and asking my mom which one would have the best chance of me not see anyone else wearing. It was two months after that that I had decided to change my career path from wanting to be a ballerina to wanting to work in the fashion industry and go to FIT.
How do you think your childhood influenced your life’s direction into the arts world: Both of my parents were fine arts major and would always make mine and my brother’s school projects crazy artistic (we always got A’s). My mom would design us epic Halloween costumes and have our birthday party’s themed out to the max with costumes and everything. I was definitely always surrounded by art without ever realizing it directly.
Significant person who inspired you to pursue your talents: Both of my parents and the blogger Susie Bubble.
Artists who have inspired you the most: Susie Bubble, Nick Knight, Anna Piaggi, Tim Walker, Gareth Pugh, Alexander McQueen, Isabella Blow, Lynn Yager, Daphne Guinness, Man Ray, Marcel Duchamp, Salvador Dali, Erwin Blumenfeld, Paul Poiret, Elsa Schiaparelli, and Mary Katrantzou.

When did you start your blog Elegant Idiosyncrasy: January of 2011 but it originally was named The Scorpion Totem because I had realized the scorpion was my totem animal and I created the blog as a grounding force because I was going through a very rough time; it wasn’t until recently that I realized the scorpion is actually my ascending sign.

Meaning behind the name: Elegant Idiosyncrasy came about when I was reading Tim Blanks review on a Proenza Schouler show and he had described it as “elegant idiosyncrasy”. It literally took my breath away and I knew that was the perfect way to describe me and my style.
What is your blog essentially about: My blog is essentially about me. It’s about the experiences that I have and things that I read/see/listen to and how they inspire me and eventually get interpreted into my photography and personal style. As a result the blog is about the creation and expression of my identity.
What message do you want your blog to get across: That’s a good question. What message do you get?
A little bit about your photography style and editing: It started as my thesis work at school about how my environment influenced the way that I dressed myself but then as it progressed I realized that many things other than just my environment influence the way that I dress myself. So I started to edit my photos with other people’s photo’s that inspired me and then that lead into creating narrative images that tell a story beyond just my personal style. They tell a story about me, about a fantasy, about the reality I will never live expect in those photos.

The significance of fashion being acknowledged as an art form: is essentially my goal in life.
Projects that you have worked on that you are most proud of: The Sea No Fear editorial that I created with Ed Maximus, being Kaytee Papusza’s ice queen performance piece during Art Basel of 2010 and any project with Janice Quijano.
Ideal collaborations: Way too many to even begin, but one is definitely with you
The importance of independent thinking in the arts world: The most important thing. This quote comes to mind, "The men of unborrowed vision went ahead. They fought, they suffered & they paid. But they won." -Ayn Rand
Individuality means: Everything.

Future goals: Become the fashion editor of a magazine I can be proud of. Own a black standard poodle. Have a loft apartment in NYC with a teepee in it. Be able to afford wine and brie on a regular basis. To stop being so judgmental and bitter. Go to the Holi festival in India at least once. To dance until I fall down, oh wait, I’ve already done that one. To change the way that fashion and clothing is perceived as materialistic and shallow and make people realize that it is the most personal and democratized form of art we could ever obtain in our day to day life.
Favorites: Red wine. Black coffee. Mr. Fox. My love. My friends. Mae West’s one liner’s. Dried roses. Dripping candle wax. Surprises. Smiles that take my breath away. Good fucking music. Endorphins rushing through my body. A good cry.
Food: ? I don’t cook….
Drink: Red wine and black coffee.
Quote: You are young and still believe in art, poetry, love and all those other silly things they told you would never pay the bills. I hope you die still believing those things and no, they never will pay the bills.
Book: The Prophet by Khalil Gibran and Adorned in Dreams by Elizabeth Wilson
Musician: Death Cab for Cutie, Adele, Florence and the Machine, The XX, Kanye West, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Wale, J Cole, Azealia Banks, Solange Knowles, Elli Ingram, Lana Del Rey and John Mayer.
Film: Moulin Rouge, Auntie Mame, Black Swan, Funny Face, My Little Chickadee, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and Alice in Wonderland.
Idea: Too many to think. Usually get lost in translation.
Where you’d like to visit: Where wouldn’t I like to visit? Maybe Detroit currently or maybe that’s exactly why I should go there.
If you could have tea with any person living or dead who would it be: Just one? Hmmm…..Marcel Duchamp.

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*All photos taken by Ashley Garner unless otherwise stated.

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