Sunday, August 4, 2013

Party Monster

Inspired by a favorite, the film Party Monster.
Featured in Slang Magazine.
South Beach, Miami
Photographer Omar Haynes 
Hairstylist Alejandro
MUA Elizabeth Acosta
Models Sunamys Villalba, Rivi Madison, and Elizabeth Acosta
Styling by Alaska/Jacked Fashion
Designs by Marcel DeJure and Jacked Fashion

Thank you for the kind words Slang!

Shot in Miami under the creative direction and styling by Alaska Mangialetto, a regular collaborator for //SLANG with a diverse selection of fashion editorials. Her fashion stories are getting better and better, this time with a decadent yet glamorous and sexy theme, just like fashion it`s supposed to be.

“We didn’t wish — wishes are wasted…
We didn’t hope — because our future was inevitable…
And we didn’t pray — we were on our own.” 
― James St. James, 

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