Thursday, September 19, 2013


I don't got much to say about that.
No I don't got much to say.
Either way, I am liberated. 
Fewer words equal a wider gain. 
Ain't no bullshit for the fame. 

If you don't understand my frequency, well frequently redefine me.

You always got something to say to sway the masses.
You should have created your own brand of vision warping glasses.

My eye sight ain't the best, but my soul ain't the worst.
The lingering aftertaste causes its own kind of thirst.

I haven't written in a minute.
Haven't thought of a proper goodbye.
All that I know is my eye is in the sky.
Up up and away to pass the day.
Oh my eye is in the sky.
Thorough and thought out, redefining the face of paramount. 
Peace be with you.
God be with thee.
Ride forward towards your destiny.


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