Friday, October 18, 2013

Ego Void

  Check out the newest zine 'Ego Void' to hit the streets of DTLA and Miami! Music, art, and fashion brought to you by three girl power and punk inspired ladies! Here's a Q&A Jacked Fashion conducted with them! Keep your eyes peeled at local coffee shops and venues for Volume No. 3 coming soon!

What inspired the zine:
We wanted to have our own creative outlet that is tangible for us to share with our new and old friends from all over the world. We were brought together by serendipity and California's inspiration motivated us.

Your definition of ego: 
Its subjective. Positive ego can be healthy and ambitious, and negative ego can make you delusional, without grasp on your true self.

Meaning behind the name:
To us, voiding ourselves of negative ego is complete freedom.

Cultural influences: 
Definitely punk rock. We relate to the "Do-It-Yourself" attitude and the positive effects it brings to others and ourselves. As well, 90's, our Miami roots, NYC/LA music scenes, THE CALIFORNIA DESERT, ABOVE ALL ART.

What mediums of art will be featured in Ego Void:
The centerfold usually focuses on Music.
Than the other pages are for every kind of medium the artist choses to express.
There is illustrations, collages, games, anything. There are no limitations. 

The three creators/editors are Orquidea Magana, Sofia Zamyatin, and Maya Lynne Menard. 
So far we have good friends expressing themselves on their own individual pages.
Every issue will have contributions from different artists and we reference them in the Index Page. 

A little bit about issue 1:
It was a long ride for the first issue. The first creation born, it was intimidating to us because we had never created something like it before. We made up the rules as we went along. In the end we just embraced the idea of "just do it." It allowed us to begin the start of our journey EGO VOID. After releasing issue 2 we see the work speaks for itself and we grow with each issue. All the positive feedback continues to inspire us every day.

Publications that influenced this one:
Adbusters, old 80's punk zines, other zines from around the world in the zine community, Vice, old beatnik poems.

Future plans for the zine:
Making more zines. Making more, more, more, and more zines. We are also relocating from Long Beach to Downtown Los Angeles. So our break through into the world of the DTLA area is exciting and should be interesting for the zine. And creating more, and more zines.

If the zine were a person
If all three of us were one person...

Favorite musician:
Some of our favorites are Brit Brit, Nirvana, Devendra Banhart, Le Tigre, Based God, Bassnectar, Gucci, Elliot Smith, Cat Power, and of course, NSYNC. Duh.

Favorite novel:
Some of them are Girl, Interrupted, Shakespeare, Girls To The Front, Twilight, Bossypants, A Literate Passion, Virgin Suicides, Osho:Being In Love 

Favorite time period in history:
OBVI the 90s, 60's, 20's, and 70's.

Favorite films:
Donnie Darko
Don't Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Juice in The Hood
The Dangerous Lives of the Alter Boys
The Royal Tennenbaums 
Spice World
Annie Hall
Mean Girls
All the FRIDAY movies 

Halloween costume:
Bubblebee, Mermaid, Ninja, Hotdog Pizza, Robot, Elvis. 

Something most people don't know about you:
We three also play music together in a band called BIG BABY.