Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Introducing the first installation of RantingRedHead; 
a weekly post from multi talented Miami fashion artist Ashley Garner. We'll be hearing lots of thoughts in regards to current art and fashion trends and the ever changing ways of the industry. 
Without further adieu, here's Ashley.

This is hopefully the first of many rants that you all will be hearing from a redhead like me. To give you a quick introduction my name is Ashley Garner and run the blog Elegant Idiosyncrasy. My blog is a little different than most personal style blogs because I post more than just pictures of myself. I like to talk about the things outside of fashion that influence my personal style and I honestly wish that more people would do the same. I hate going onto blog after blog seeing the same shit every time: vertical snapshot of a pretty girl wearing pretty clothes. The text is usually uninteresting and the most exciting part of the post is the labels that are listed at the bottom of what they’re wearing. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not against pretty girls wearing pretty clothes, hell I’ve been labeled one once or twice. What really ticks me off is that there is nothing going on with these blogs other than that. Where is the depth, the random thoughts and interesting musings. Where are these bloggers passion and what are their dreams?!? Or are their dreams simply to be tools to corporate America because by giving me nothing to consume other than a rather uninteresting picture outside of the clothes being worn and even more uninteresting text other than the labels at the bottom that’s really all I’m getting from the personal style blogging world right about now: consumerism. 

And that’s really fucking sad. I mean REALLY FUCKING SAD. I remember being in high school and coming across one of the first personal style blogs to be featured in Teen Vogue and being so excited that someone that wasn’t a designer or a well credited journalist that was into fashion could have a voice. It was this new democratization of the fashion world that gave people without the contacts or right location to job ratio an opportunity to find a community. Now I look at this blogging world 6 years later and it’s like a sea of un-checked narcissism full of dumb girls with nothing better to do than get even more attention for their looks. I mean shit, I know fashion already has a bad name but let’s not make it any worse, right? I got into fashion and have constantly been fighting the stigma that anyone interested in this industry is not very bright or at least not very deep. There are so many people that already don’t look at fashion beyond face value and with personal style blogs going in the direction they are it’s a shame that we keep proving them right. Why not write about how fashion is a means of creating your identity, a daily medium of expression, something that lets you say things you don’t have words for. Why not gear your personal style blog towards being personal rather than selling yourself out to all the labels of the world. Why not not even mention the labels and let people focus on how you made it your own? I hate that I am embarrassed to say that I am a personal style blogger when I am so proud of all the work that I put into it. I really hope that something happens to make all of these other bloggers wake up and see what they are actually putting out there and how it really not only makes them look bad, but the whole damn industry.  
-Ashley Garner

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