Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Appreciate the bitches in your life this Thanksgiving! This weeks RantingRedHead does just that. An observation on the world of video taking over the world of fashion is the centerfold topic. 


"by 2017 online video will account for nearly 70 percent of all consumer Internet traffic, with users viewing the equivalent of 5 million years of video every month"

I’ve always been the type of person that is obsessed with videos. I’m always the first one to come to my friends asking if they had seen the latest music video, tv show, fashion campaign, comedy bullshit, so on and so forth. However I must admit that I was surprised to hear the news earlier this week that i-D and Dazed and Confused magazine are going to be launching a massive video section to their digital sites that will be having a new artist take over each week. For the longest time fashion magazines have been terrified of technology for the sake of the possible end of the print magazine. I am one of those very people that are nervous for the end of the print magazine as I treat them like my most precious books and there is obviously something about a print magazine that the digital version will never be able to match to.
That got me thinking about how prevalent videos are in today’s society. According to the article on the Business of Fashion site discussing this new video section on Dazed Group’s pages they threw out the statistic that by 2017 online video will account for nearly 70 percent of all consumer Internet traffic, with users viewing the equivalent of 5 million years of video every month. Holy shit. Video has been on the rise for quite awhile now with Youtube and app’s like Vine and Instagram making it easier and easier to get interesting and inviting shots so I really shouldn’t be so surprised by these stat’s but when number’s are throwm in your face like that you can’t help but have your jaw drop sometimes. Clearly video work is the most up and coming thing right now so to me that is how I justify my massive amounts of time spent watching it: cultural studies I say.
All of this leading me into my conclusion for the week: wtf was up with Kanye West’s ‘Bound 2’ video and btw if you didn’t already know Nick Knight filmed it. Wtf Nick Knight, you’re better than this! This bull shit, fake ass, poisonously depressing series of moving images that are probably going to hit the top of the charts and get way more airtime than the BEAUTIFUL video of bursting colors of smoke dancing in Olafur Arnalds ‘Ljosio’. But that’s the world apparently: unfair and all about who you know. I don’t fucking accept that and will continue going around ranting about how horrible I think bad videos are despite who’s name is behind them. There is so much potential with video as a narrative that can make people connect to the art on an even deeper level so why waste that on a shitty superficial video I ask you, WHY?!??? Hopefully i-D and Dazed will make the most of their new video channel, we can only hope though. In the meantime one little piece of advice I have to give anyone that can’t quite decide where they want to head in the industry: make sure you know Adobe Premiere and Photoshop, it could be the difference between you having or not having a job soon enough. Also here is a video I made from my collaboration with Jacked Fashion a few weeks ago featuring my current female empowerment song ‘Hard Out Here’ by Lily Allen. Enjoy bitches.
-Your's Truly, A Ranting Redhead

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