Sunday, December 1, 2013

Featured Artist: Adi Ulmansky

Stoked to share one of my new favorite artists Adi Ulmansky;  producer, writer, rapper and beautiful badass. Hailing from Israel, she has seen and been influenced by many corners of the world. Her sound is fashion buzzed, culturally infused, and raw. I had the pleasure of an interview with the sound, lyric, and beat genius herself. She is a gem! Get with it..

Full Name: Adi Ulmansky
Age: 25
Birthplace: Jerusalem, Israel
First memories of music:
When I was really really young (I mean a tiny baby), my mom used to lift me up and put her lips on my bald head and sing. She has a beautiful voice and I can actually remember the warmth of her lips and how it used to calm me down and helped me fall a sleep (not cause it was boring! lol but cause it was relaxing.)
Influences growing up:
Well when I was a child I used to listen to a lot of nineties pop bands like TLC, Destiny's Child and the Spice Girls, but later on I started playing the guitar and got more into rock music and listened mostly to Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana and that kinda thing. Later on I discovered the amazing work of electronic music and really got into acts like Autechre, Aphex Twin and producers that are more updated like Hudson Mohawke, Lunice, James Blake etc. now my main thing is the combination of hip hop with electronica and ethnic elements.
What impacts your sound and visions:
I guess what impacts me the most is my home country Israel. I'm really inspired by all the authentic, arabic - ethnic vibe that Israel has and I'm trying to use this inspiration to make the best out of this whole complicated political situation, which is totally depressing and sad.
When did you start producing your own music:
I started producing about 3 years ago but I got my music out first only a year ago - my first mixtape was released January 2013 and I released my EP Hurricane Girl August 2013.

Inspiration behind the name of your new EP Hurricane Girl:
I think the name and the whole ep in general captures a phase that I was going through in my life - I had a really hard few months in my personal life, and the ep kinda show both aspects of what I was going through - from feeling super sensitive and breakable to being this fighter girl that won't let you tell her what to do or treat her as a pretty face - I guess I kinda felt that the name "Hurricane Girl" represents this contradiction and describes what I felt like.
Favorite track off of Hurricane Girl:

It's hard to choose between Was It You and Work It 

My favorite track off of Hurricane Girl is 'Work It'. It's strong, honest, and basically telling everyone this is how it is, fuck off. What was going through your mind while writing that track. How has the opposition you've faced in the industry made you a stronger and essentially more badass person:
Well I wrote this song referring to a specific Israeli radio broadcaster that really didn't believe in what I was doing a few years ago and I just felt like now it's time to take this bad energy and create something useful and strong out of it.
I always really liked songs and artists that express their anger in their music, like Eminem for example, and I feel like this song really tells what it's like to be part of the industry, how you always get criticized and gotta be strong to move on and believe in yourself. Being a girl I guess it's even a bit harder cause for me I used to feel like people would first of all think that I'm all about my look and it drove me crazy cause apart from being a girl I also produce, write and compose all of my music and beats lol! So the sentence "Another pretty face" refers to that 

If you could describe your aesthetic in one word (or a bunch of words):
In one word - a mix
In a bunch of words- a mix of lots of different cultures and aesthetics - from grunge and emo to japanse harajuku and arabic princesses.
A particular show that you’ve performed that has stood out among the rest:
I guess the one I was the support act for Disclosure in London.

You have incredible style. What role has fashion played in your career/life? Its significance to you:
I guess I'm just a visual person. I've always been. That's why I put a lot of thought into my music videos and the whole visual design. I enjoy fashion just as much as I enjoy creating music. Fashion played a role in my career cause it got me to do a shoot and an interview for ASOS fashion up app and also TOPSHOP so.. it's nice
Whats up next for ADI?:
Gonna release 2 music videos soon and also working on new music and really cool collabs!

Film: Oldboy
Musician: tough question!! Frank Ocean, Earl Sweatshirt, Diplo, Kitty Pryde
Color: purple and pale blue
Food: pizza (even though i'm allergic to gluten:/)
City: London and NY
Cartoon character: Jigglypuff
Item of clothing: my super high platforms
Quote: “So many books, so little time.”
― Frank Zappa

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