Tuesday, December 17, 2013

RantingRedHead: Basel and The Elite

VIP: Very Ignorant Person?? Art Basel Miami brings out the best and the worst in people. An attention crazed city and its local animals love nothing more than a good VIP night out. Well, miss Ashley Garner sums up her South Beach x Scope Art Fair VIP experience. Here is a taste of the Basel madness...

Basel and The Elite

This year at the world famous Art Basel I had the pleasure of working the VIP check in desk at the SCOPE art fair. My experience was nothing short of eye opening and extraordinary. I got to be within arms reach of the ground-breaking designer Rick Owens and his badass wife, work some of the biggest parties of the week and meet more than a handful of amazing and inspiring artists. However one thing that I did notice while I checked in the VIP’s is how much people are obsessed with entitlement. Even if it just means saving $25 people crave the VIP status and that is definitely accentuated during a time like Basel. They like to think that they are important even if they haven’t actually done anything to gain that importance other than be friends with the “right” people. Not that I’m hating at all, I for one am all for the VIP lifestyle but I like to think that I would work/do work my ass off to earn it. During Basel week you see the greedy devil come out in every single one of us. We determine who is worth hanging out with/keeping around based off of what art show or party they are able to get us into free of charge, but what does that really say about us outside of this strange time warp they call Art Basel Miami Beach? It doesn’t mean much, at least down here in the art fair’s hosting city. After the madness ceases we all seem to forget who was “important” that week and life goes on per usual: we pay for our own beers and usually have to work the parties to get into them. What is my point in all of this? Only to remember to stay humble people. Just because your card may be black of say VIP on it doesn’t mean you have the right to treat other people like shit or like they are less of a human being than you just because they didn’t manage to get their hands on a similar exclusive card. I have found in my time of meeting celebrities that the ones that are the most successful are usually the ones that are decent and understanding human beings. I pray that I remember that as I move to New York City in less than a month; I would hate to come back home and find myself being the big headed fake New Yorker, I cringe at the 

-Your's Truly, A Ranting Redhead

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