Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ranting Redhead: Fashion and Sexism

This weeks Ranting Redhead focuses on the age old fine line between conventional sexism and fashion sexism. Seems women have had the upper hand while men have had to take the back seat on this one.. So when are we just going to get the fuck over it and embrace men in dresses.
The Satorialist

Men's fashion and sexism: When the topic of sexism is brought up the first thing that usually comes to everyone's mind is women but when I think of sexism the first thing to come to my mind is mens' fashion. I mean why the hell is it that women can wear pants, skirts, dresses, suits, crazy ass hats, jewelry, heels, suspenders, pretty much whatever the fuck we want but men, oh the poor poor men, they are limited to merely pants, shorts, suits and shirts. Sure they have vests, ties, socks and hats to mix it up but still they are miserably limited and trust me when I say that they are fed up. I was having a conversation with my dad and brother over dinner one night about this exact issue and surprisingly my dad was extremely vocal about how he wished that he had as many options as women. “I would love to be able to walk into a men's department store and have the same options as a woman. Jewelry, shoes, socks, pants or skirts, colors, long waist coats or interesting buttons. We don't need to go back to bell bottom pants but we can bring things back that still fit in with what our expectations of men's fashion are. I want some variety. It's been the same for hundreds of years. Literally today the way men dress is the same as their fathers dressed and their fathers fathers dressed. I don't mean young men who follow fads and trends, I mean men who are in their 30's, 40's and so on and have begun to dress like professionals. It's disappointing as hell and I want to see a change.” Of course we went on to discuss how if you go to cities like New York, LA or Miami you will find a wide variety of options for men however outside of these cities it's not that the options are necessarily unavailable but that the mind set of the people is very different. For most people in America they would have a good amount of anxiety if they saw a man wearing a skirt just like in the 1930's they had anxiety seeing women wear pants. Not much has changed people except that the sexism has switched sides and men are getting fed up. I find it especially interesting that the only reason people wouldn't have anxiety when seeing a man in a skirt or dress of some sort is if they 1) were gay or 2) came from a culture that it was accepted in where as a woman doesn't have to be any sort of sexual orientation or come from any culture to wear whatever the hell she wants to. I'm just waiting for the day that men all over the country parade down the street's in skirts, dresses or whatever the hell THEY want because they have the right just as much as women to wear whatever they want.

-Yours Truly, A Ranting Redhead

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