Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ashish Runway AW14

"The first dress got the crowd excited—a shimmery pink sequin gown that had Lily Allen snapping her camera like crazy in the front row. ."

It goes to say I was pretty stoked to see a rather familiar look opening the Ashish fashion show this week in London. I've admired this designer for some time now and this coincidence was a personal mind fuck. The photos on the left and right are of a Jacked Fashion dress I designed last year and wore to last seasons MBFW Style Awards (platform sneakers included, which were worn with all of the Ashish looks). The irony presented here fully wraps up the essence that is Jacked Fashion. The dream is to have the stage and budget a designer such as Ashish has, but for now I'll have to stick to creating looks with my means a season before they hit the runway ;}.

More photos from the show! Hoping to meet this genius man one day!

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