Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ranting Redhead

New post in honor of a very special collaboration on its way with Jacked Fashion and Ranting Redhead aka Ashley Garner! She questions the seemingly bland and dark lifestyle of winter in New York and addresses how we can make it more colorfully wicked. 

I have officially lived in New York City for one month now and everything thing has been just as amazing and spectacular as I expected except one….what is the deal with this all black everything?!??? I mean I get it but then I don’t get it. It rains and snows a lot so you don’t want to wear something that will clearly show the water and dirt stains you are sure to collect while commuting to work but at the same time we are in mother fucking New York City! A city that was made by dreamers for dreamers. For the hardest working bitches and the most creative minds. Everywhere you walk there is inspiration to be found in the architecture, the street art, the skyline, store windows and even simply the hard working, motivated mood that every person gives off as you pass by. So this all black everything thing that 75% of New Yorker’s have going on right now seems a little counter productive in my opinion. Outside of it’s utilitarian benefits all black doesn’t do much for me. It’s either sleek and clean or it’s depressing as hell and when the sun is barely coming out all I’m getting out of it is tinges of depression. 

All that said I have decided to bring the color of Miami to my little nook in Brooklyn. Sure I have my moments of all black because, well, I don’t want to ruin my favorite colorful pieces. But I’d say 95% of the time I have made it a mission of mine to stay colorful with layers of gold sequins, polka dot silk pants, blush pink dresses and aqua blue hats. My lips are always red to match my ranting red hair and my skin is so white that really any color on me is popping these days. 

Well anyways, I’m ranting, but I guess that’s the whole point right? Conclusion: fuck all black, I’m gonna bring color to the city and Jacked Fashion is coming right along with me ;) 

Yours truly,
A Ranting Redhead 

*All photographs by Ashley Garner 

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