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Featured Artist: Beach Day

City: Hollywood Fl
Style/Genre: Surf punky garagey sixties
Members: Kimmy, Skyler & Denise

I vividly remember when I first met the wonderful and sugar sweet lead singer of Beach Day, Kimmy Drake.. It was a couple of years back at a Black Lips show. Beach Day was one of the opening acts! I instantly fell in love with the good vibes trio. Each member was equally striking in their presence and performance. Their tunes transported me to the sunny sixties of the future. I recall feeling such excitement for the new found addition to the South Florida music scene. During the Black Lips performance I found myself dancing and downing birthday beer with Kimmy. Almost exactly two years later I finally got the chance to inquire about the magic behind Beach Day. Check it out!

When did Beach Day form: 
We started as a two piece in 2012!

Where were you guys born and raised:
We're all native Floridians! I grew up in Kendall which is a suburb south of Miami. Skyler is from Longwood, FL. Denise is from Crystal River, FL.
Musical influences growing up: Kimmy: Anything 50's & 60's. I only listened to oldies radio. I was such a weirdo in school. Never fit in with anyone. I felt like a time traveller that got left behind. Or like Clark Kent, you know, from another planet. Skyler: Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Beach Boys, California Dreams Denise: Prince

Favorite Era: Kimmy: Jurassic Skyler: 50’s Denise: Would have to be the 90’s since I lived through it.

Icons: Kimmy: My icons are definitely Jane Birkin, Kate Moss, Nico, Lou Reed, Brigitte Bardot Skyler: Elvis, Brian Wilson, Zack Morris, Jack White, Milton Levenger, Sandra Bullock

Something that fascinates and inspires the band: Kimmy: I am so fascinated by moths. They are so diverse. There are like new species found all the time. They’re always trying to fly towards the moon but get sidetracked by little porch lights for hours. I get inspired by everything around me. Wind, trees, people, but mostly imagination. Skyler: Betrayal. Denise: My musical inspiration would be Holly Golightly from Thee Headcoatees. And all of the amazing people that you meet.

Favorite quote: Kimmy: Let it bleed Skyler: The power of Mildrage compels you. Denise: Ass, ass or ass, no one rides for free ~ Thee Cormans
Ideal show and guests (could be living or dead): Kimmy: Screaming Lord Sutch, The Seeds, T. Rex, Marianne Faithfull, The Sonics, Santo and Johnny to close out the night. Noel Fielding dj’s!!! Skyler: Neil Diamond would open with an acoustic set, then Shangri La's would play and get everyone pumped, then Foxygen would hit the stage and would go crazy, and headlining would be the Ramones and the house would be brought down! Oh, and Lio Kanine would be the DJ. Denise: If Billy Childish shows up
How has Florida influenced your sound: Kimmy: The strange creatures, the palms, the abandoned theme parks, the gators, the freaks, the heat. it’s just a melting pot of weird and it’s paradise. I think I fit right in. I LOVE it. Skyler: The weather makes me happy and want to play surf beats!
Favorite Florida beach to visit: Kimmy: I love hollywood Beach so much! But Daytona beach is so awesome. You can drive on that beach! And the beaches around Sarasota are so pristine. Key Biscayne is such a chill beach. That’s the one I grew up going to. The lighthouse beach. My dad used to live in CA and surf and teach scuba diving. I am a beach girl forever. Skyler: Cocoa Beach Denise: Marathon Key
What would a typical beach day be like, activities: Kimmy: I love to play first. Frisbee! Then I’ll take a long swim. Then back on my beach towel and put on headphones, listen to music and watch the waves and think about how small I am and how I can’t take anything for granted. Skyler: Frisbee, fighting waves, truth or dare, eating ice cream. Denise: Making sand castles and bullying crabs
Have you guys been to California? Which do you prefer the west or the east coast: We’ve toured all through California. We had so much fun. Fresno is cool as hell! We played San Francisco, LA, Orange County (Burger Records), San Diego, & Fresno. I really love the west coast. Can’t wait to go back again. We played from Vancouver all the way down the coast. It’s so beautiful out there. We’ll be going back later this year. We’ve toured the east coast so many times that the west coast seems more magical and mysterious right now.
I love the track ‘Boys’. Anything specific about the species ‘boy’ that inspired this track: So many things! I kinda wrote this song as like an answer to all the sexy songs about girls. I wanted to make one about boys. No knight in shining armor, no white horses. I’m gonna be just fine. And then I just go BOY CRAZY. I guess it’s kinda about sex.

Something most people don’t know about the band: We have Panera Bread almost every morning on tour. Makes us feel “normal”. Whatever that is.
What is next for you guys, music, touring: Next up for us is we have a new song called “All My Friends Were Punks” coming out on April 19th, Record Store Day on a Kanine Records compilation called Non Violent Femmes. The compilation is all up and coming female fronted bands. And the vinyl is pink! So look out for that. It’s the first track coming out, off of our next LP. Our record will be coming out sometime this summer. We can’t wait for everyone to hear the new tracks. I feel like we’ve grown so much as a band with the next record. And I feel like my songwriting has grown so much too. The record is very introspective and observant. Our next tour starts April 9th in Cincinnati!

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Featured Artist: Marlon Alarm

"It’s a sort of fantasia, and sounds like Disney at the club." 
-Marlon Alarm on his new album
Marlon Alarm: remember the name. Not too many pop stars arise out of the grit that is South Florida. A true extraterrestrial visionary and talent shares insight into his life and upcoming album. Jacked Fashion has had the pleasure of working closely with the Marlon Alarm universe and all we can say is stand by and get ready for take off.

Full name: Marlon Alarm. Don’t believe my ID!
Birthplace: Miamiland.
Occupation: Singer, songwriter, producer, and tutor at a university, of all things.
Early musical influences: 
Chopin and My Chemical Romance.

What was it like growing up in Miami: 
For the most part, I grew up thinking there aren’t people like me, with a disdain for the status quo. Had I grown up without the internet, I’d probably still think that. Miami’s very spread out, and most of the weirdos are cooped up in their houses being creative ‘cause we don’t imagine we’ll run into each other out in the “real” world.
What inspired Marlon Alarm: 
The name, you mean? It was just a moniker everyone got used to calling me in high school. I was in a band called The Falling Alarm, and the guitarist, bassist, and I all took on “Alarm” as a surname, as a sort of pseudo-family thing. No one ever stopped calling me Marlon Alarm after the band broke up, so I just went with it. There’s no reason, really.

photo by Zeravla Damarys
First musical encounter:
I’m sure I can’t remember my first time hearing music. That would be insane! The earliest memory I can recall is getting my parents to buy me Britney Spears’ “Oops!… I Did It Again” record. It was either that or a Pluto plushie. I think I made the right choice.
Aliens of Suburbia, the inspiration behind the track: 
It’s an ode to all the weird, creative kids who are forced to grow up – usually due to socioeconomic issues – in the sort of environment that’s not meant for artistic expression. Suburbs are usually a place where you’re born, get an education, find a job, get married, have kids, retire, and die. They’re designed that way (thank you, urban planning!). There are no record labels or venues or fashion houses or studios in a classic suburb. “Aliens of Suburbia” is about fighting those odds by appropriating things about suburbs in an artistic way. It’s about flipping the bird at a world we don’t want to be in, yet is undoubtedly a part of us.

Talk about your up and coming album:
This album is definitely the most concerned with story-telling I’ve ever been. Since other musicians have stock narratives about their lives (i.e. rappers coming from shitty circumstances, hustling the streets, acquiring success, and ultimately giving back to their loved ones), I wanted one for queer pop artists who are more punk than punk kids. They give young artists something to identify with, and I think it becomes especially important when those narratives are missing. Because the story I’m telling is the result of my own, largely untold experiences, the upcoming album is a kind of modern mythology. Like the myth of Narcissus or the myth of Medusa, the album is the myth of the “showboy.”
What is the title and what can we expect to hear: 
The album is called “Showboy Opera,” as tribute to gender-bending, old-fashioned entertainment, and theatrical grandeur – something I would consider an accurate summation of my life. The album consists of three sections, or acts.
The first act is a sort of tribute to the life I live – you can expect grittier vocals, guitar-centric songs (yes, I play guitar!), and live drums. The second act descends into more of a reaction to reality. It’s a sort of fantasia, and sounds like Disney at the club. The third act draws upon the results of constantly pitting reality against fantasy: broken relationships, impatience, and feeling, ultimately, like you’re some sort of alien, somehow less – or hopefully more – than human. There are heavy electronic beats, piano, strings, and shimmering pop.
Your view on the marriage of fashion and music:
I think fashion and music are two languages that express a lot of same things. When they’re working together, less is lost in translation.
Something that most people don't know about you: 
That I’m a boy! I’m totally kidding.
Sometimes I wonder if people know how serious I am about music. I sing, play piano and guitar, and write and produce my music. I think it’s really dumb that a lot of people can’t see past what I look like. A look usually happens that day, whereas a record takes not only more time, but more emotional and creative energy. It’s draining. I really think art’s the exhibitionism of a soul.

Book: The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. 
Boy band: N’SYNC. 
Girl band: The Runaways. 
Film: I usually can only remember the last one I saw, so Heathers. 
Fashion icon: I can only choose one? Boy George.
Era: Realistically, whatever this one is. If we’re being romantic, the 20’s and 80’s. 
Color: Black, usually. 
Quote: “It’s very easy to look outrageous. To do it well is another thing.”

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Highlights: Vivienne Westwood Fall RTW14

This collection embodied the essence of a treasure map. So many beautiful things to discover and explore. Layers upon layers made for a visual adventure. Besides the brilliant juxtapositions of silhouettes and patterns, the makeup was the star accent in the show as well as Vivienne's (never been more popular) oversized insanely amazing hats. Thanks Pharrell for that one. PS. The infamous Westwood hat Pharrell wore to the Grammys just sold on Ebay for $44,100. Sold to none other than Arby's. Yes, Arby's jacked your fashion.

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HausofLove SS14

Shop HausofLove SS'14 Lookbook featuring the iridescent top and pastel floral dress by Jacked Fashion!

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