Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Glitter Death. Nikki Lipstick. Cobra Shop

 Jacked Fashion X Marina Fini

Image by MarinaFini

Photo by Chad Wilson

 More to come....

Rolling Along.

They just don't see it baby. They just don't see it.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Nelly Chichlakova Art

Nelly Chichlakova is a self taught artist from Russia. Her work is a blissful flow of color experimentation.

"When I was 13, during the winter, in our school in Siberia came a new art teacher. I was prepared to be bored in classes because I did not like art lessons that were taught in schools. The lesson began. Suddenly the new teacher came up to the window and took a pot with a cactus from the windowsill. He showed the cactus to our class and asked: "What do you see?". All together children's answers were : "Cactus,... green!" Then the teacher asked us to approach and to take a closer look at the cactus, and he said that there was something else, a different color...! I was deeply intrigued, and at that moment, I saw other thing. I saw the pink and blue colours - it was like a glow of colours. The glow was moving, and at the same time it was a sound. This was fascinating, and at the same moment I felt an extraordinary sense of clarity. I automatically took the pencils and began to draw. "

*all images Nelly Chichlakova

Fantasy vs Reality