Monday, June 2, 2014

Nelly Chichlakova Art

Nelly Chichlakova is a self taught artist from Russia. Her work is a blissful flow of color experimentation.

"When I was 13, during the winter, in our school in Siberia came a new art teacher. I was prepared to be bored in classes because I did not like art lessons that were taught in schools. The lesson began. Suddenly the new teacher came up to the window and took a pot with a cactus from the windowsill. He showed the cactus to our class and asked: "What do you see?". All together children's answers were : "Cactus,... green!" Then the teacher asked us to approach and to take a closer look at the cactus, and he said that there was something else, a different color...! I was deeply intrigued, and at that moment, I saw other thing. I saw the pink and blue colours - it was like a glow of colours. The glow was moving, and at the same time it was a sound. This was fascinating, and at the same moment I felt an extraordinary sense of clarity. I automatically took the pencils and began to draw. "

*all images Nelly Chichlakova

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